What information do I need to provide to qualify for a property?

Each adult over 18 years of age needs to provide an ID and that they earn three times the monthly rent by providing three months paystubs showing gross pay, three months of bank statements, student loan information, or if the applicant(s) are new and moving into the area and already have a job, they can provide a letter from their new employer with their wage/salary and estimated hours per week/month.

Do any of your properties allow pets?

Yes, but not all are approved for pets. Some associations ban pets and some owners have chosen not to allow pets. If the property allows pets, there are security deposits and fees associated with that.  In general, the deposit for a dog is $600 per pet, for a cat it is $1,000 per pet. There is a non-refundable $60 per month pet fee per pets. If you have a caged/aquarium animal there is a $300.00 deposit for each cage/aquarium. Upon move-out, the property must be professionally treated for odor and pests (i.e. carpet treatment, duct cleaning, and pest control). Upon giving a 30 day notice to vacate, a $200 fee will be assessed per dog or cat or a $100 fee for caged/aquarium animals. You may pay this at that time or with the pet deposit upon move-out. Also, if you have a pet, assisted animal, or if you are an applicant that has no animals follow the link to complete the appropriate application: PetScreening.com

Am I required to have Renter's Insurance?

Yes, all residential tenants are required to purchase renter's insurance.  Residents with pets are required to purchase a policy from our preferred vendor (ePremium) unless they can provide proof of coverage for their pet(s) of no less than $500. Or if they do not have a pet and would still like to purchase from our preferred vendor (ePremium) they may or if they choose they can get their own HO4 policy from any insurance provider.  However if you do purchase your own you must report this to our preferred vendor (ePremium)

What if the unit I apply for has been rented by the time my application is processed, am I eligible for another property?

Yes, but only if you are generally approved. Once you have been approved our office will contact you to discuss your options and can easily move your contact to a different unit. We will keep applications unto 60 days, depending on unit availability, before a new application will need to be processed.

Why do I have to complete a "no pet" application at petscreening.com

Superior Property Rental has been using the third party vendor, PetScreening.com, for several years to process their pet and assisted animal applications. In the recent year they have started doing "no pet" applications and our office has had current and past tenants bring animals in their residents without prior approval. So, we have decided to make it mandatory to complete this "no pet" application and if the tenant is ever found to have an animal they will be charged a $1,500 fine for breaching the lease.

How do I schedule a tour of a property?

Tours can only be scheduled once the property has been vacated by the previous tenant and our inspections and repairs have been completed.  Once available to view, contact our office to be entered into our self viewing system (Rently).  This will require a credit/debit card, there is no charge, and can be scheduled up to a week in advance. The lock boxes are open  for tours from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 7 days a week.

How many properties can I tour?

There is no limit on the amount of properties a prospective renter can view, however after three views we will need you credit/debit card again to reauthorize you into our system.  But we reserve the right to block anyone from viewing a property with out notice.

Once I'm a Tenant, am I responsible for the maintenance and its costs?

Yes and no. Owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair for appliances, HVAC's, electrical, plumbing, roofs, and doors. However if tenant calls and any of these items are damaged or need repair due to tenant neglect or there is nothing wrong and someone was dispatched to evaluate the problem and nothing is wrong or it is the tenants doing/personal item causing the problem the tenant will be charged for the service fee plus 15% administration fee.

How often do I have to replace air filters and am i responsible for the cost.

Tenants are responsible for the cost to replace filters. Our policy is to suggest filters are changed every other month (6 times a year). If there is a HVAC repair/replacement needed and the service technician reports that the service call was due to not replacing air filters you would be responsible for the repair/replacement costs plus a 15% administration fee.

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