–Important–New Renter's Insurance Requirements 

Superior Property Rental REQUIRES ALL tenants to have/carry renter's insurance. Effective Immediately, Superior Property Rental is transitioning to a different renter's insurance company, ePremium. This change will be a benefit to tenants for better coverage and cost savings.

As of November 30th 2019, Superior Property Rental will no longer offer Renter's Legal Liability, which has been the insurance coverage that our office has provided to our valuable customers.

At this time, we are requiring all of our tenants for which we have previously provided renter's insurance to obtain a policy through ePremium. They will offer different policies, ranging from $16-$17.50 per month, depending on the type of coverage. This coverage needs to be secured before November 30th, 2019 to avoid lapse in coverage, as well as any fees/charges that may occur from lapse of coverage. These fees/charges can range up to $50 per month, if a new insurance policy is not in place.

Please note that if you have already provided us with information from a third-party insurance company that is current, as well as an HO4 equivalence, you will NOT need to change your insurance policy. However, you will need to click the applicable link below, to provide proof of insurance.

NEW tenants with pets/animals are REQUIRED to obtain an ePremium policy with a pet endorsement, which helps cover potential major damage from your furry friends. If you have current third party coverage and animals, you will be required to, upon renewal of  your lease or insurance policy (whichever comes first) purchase a policy through ePremium.

To purchase an ePremium policy, click the corresponding link below

To upload 3rd party proof of coverage, click the corresponding link below